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    Would you like to learn french in a relax but efficient way ? To be able quickly to have a conversation with French speaking colleagues or neighbors ? To enjoy French movies in their original version ? To express yourself fluently, using a language adequate to your environment ? To learn it efficiently without working on it 2 hours a day ? My name is Zoé, and I can help you. But first, a little bit of context : I am not à French teacher, but a passionate language learner. I speak English, Spanish fluently, German decently, and I am currently learning Arabic. Even though I had classes of English and German at school, those classes really allow me to reach the level I currently hold. And I never took a single Spanish class. So, how did I do it ? With the help of many other passionate polyglots I used a lot of different tools and learnt a great deal about language learning. How to make it fun ? How to make it efficient ? How to make it useful ? What doesn’t work ? What is a waste of time ? What is a good goal when learning a new language ? What can I expect from a new language ? I am far from having all the answers, but I have some important ones.

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