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Mélanie est une super professeure d'harpe ! Elle sait transmettre son savoir avec humeur, joie, et bienveillance. Elle veille à la bonne planification des cours et chaque séance est soigneusement structurée. Ma fille est heureuse d'étudier avec elle et fait des progrès de semaine en semaine.
Sergio is a really good guitar teacher. He is patient and has a fun sense of humor. He is also very knowledgeable and professional and works with students on all aspects of musical education. His classical guitar mastery is top rate! Each lesson is well structured and when the lesson is over, the elements that need to be practiced are clearly defined. My child likes learning with him very much. Thank you Maestro Sergio!
I would highly recommend Professor Juan. He is a very attentive teacher who knows how to identify what each learner needs in order to progress. He is also a kind, patient person who clearly wants his students to succeed. He shares interesting, relevant music history and theory during lessons in a way that is easy to understand and retain. At the end of the lesson, he clearly outlines what the student needs to study from one session to the next and he is responsive to questions and communication. Gracias Profe Juan !

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