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Jackie - Zurich34Fr
Professeur fiable: 90% of my students don't have iPad. It works very well on PC. You could purchase a Wacom, in order to write with a stylus, instead with a mouse. No need of webcam. I share my screen. Students could see directly what I was writing on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GET A GMAT COURSE, TO TARGET THE 700-800 AT THE TEST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got 100% in math during my primary and secondary school in Belgian system and was selected for the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad every year. I took part to further maths competitions where I was well ranked at the national level. There are no secret in math: practice, practice, and practice ... More you do math exercices, deeper you will understand, your grade will go up, and you will love MATH. I am fully flexible and adapt to the need of each student. Beyond explaining the topic learned at school, I often show thing differently, in such a way students could better understand the concept. Over the past, I coached students from different background and for different purposes. They are mainly from Belgium, France, Germany. In both state and international schools. To improve grade, special math/logic games session during holiday / new school&university entrance tests, ... I respond to all kinds of request To take math courses with me, you don't need to have good grade (I will help you), neither love math but you have to have the motivation to get back on track (and willing spend TIMES on doing exercices, even after the session with me) Again: there are no secret: practice, practice, and practice ...
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Jackie est super patiente avec ma fille et arrive même à lui expliquer le cours en allemand. Elle lui donne également de très bon conseils pour améliorer son niveau. Je la recommande!
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