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    Music is a force. It connects us all with the cosmos and channels through us for life. Music exists all around us, and it needs somebody to convert it from its imaginary origins to its physical pressure-wave form. Let me show your place in this musical universe. In this course you will learn to guitar-play and sing the song(s) of your choice, as well as the theory behind it.
    Most couples think they know everything about each other’s sexual knowledge. The truth is that not many couples get to reach their full sexual potential because they don’t know how to communicate their knowledge about sex. This course will explore the many aspects of human sexuality, and the levels in which sex comes to be known as the sexual planes of existence. This course is intended for human beings who desire the ability to communicate and be open about their sexuality. It is not solely intended for couples, but also for individuals who have had bad past experiences and are looking to have a healthier sex life with their next partner.
    Self Defense for Adults Learn to control your body, yourself, your health, and your breathing with this course. Teens and adults will learn how to deal with armed attackers, and heavy street fighting situations. Also learn about how philosophy is at the root of martial arts and which philosophies gave root to which martial art. Don’t go around picking fights, rather end them before they begin.
    Ici, vous apprendrez à pratiquer la concentration, l'endurance, la flexibilité, le timing et la force. Les leçons pour les bébés comprennent l’entraînement à l’équilibre et l’amélioration précoce des capacités locomotives. Les tout-petits apprendront des acrobaties légères pour gérer les chutes et développeront une conscience spatiale. Les enfants en apprendront davantage sur l’intimidation et sur la façon de la gérer à l’école sans avoir à lancer des coups de pied ou de poing.

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